This article is part of the ongoing series, “Our Ship It Journal”. Over the next months we will be sharing the vision behind Boom Squad and actively sharing our game design documents and monthly builds.
We hope that you’ll contribute to that vision; the more minds that come together from all different backgrounds, passionate gamers, fellow game developers or curious friends, the better off we are able to come up with great new things. 

I. Game ID


Platform: PC

Genre:  Online Multiplayer Platformer Shooter

Launch:  Spring 18

Soft Launch:  Winter 17

Engine: Unity

Categories: Indie, Shooter, Side-view, 3rd person, Action, Fast-paced, Online, Multiplayer, Co-Op, PvP, Team-based, Real-time tactics, Free-to-Play

II. Description 

Boom Squad is an online multiplayer platformer shooting game, developed by PVP Studio, featuring a group of special forces ex-operatives from different countries, deployed in different locations, as a group of elite mercenaries, carrying out all sorts of missions.

The game is built upon a free-to-play business model and it will be released for PC on Steam and later for PS4 and Xbox One.

The focus is on player vs. player (PvP) and cooperative (co-op) gameplay with each player controlling a customizable character equipped with specialized firearms and special combat abilities. Placed into a 5 v. 5 team deathmatch game mode, every victory comes with varying amounts of rewards that contribute to the character and its equipment progression.

III. Pillars 

  • Fast-paced 2D mechanics combined with real-time tactics
  • Cooperative Online Multiplayer Matches 
  • Free-to-Play Progression: Experience Points, Player Level Progression and Weapon Tech Trees
  • Realistic weapons, sounds and gear, realistic physics, realistic military characters

IV. Targeted audience

  • 1st and 3rd person shooter enthusiasts
  • People who like realism in games (realistic weapons and physics)
  • Mid-core gamers

V. Setting

Boom Squad characters, a group of special forces ex-operatives from different countries (e.g. as part of SAS, FBI SWAT, GIGN, Spetsnaz, GSG 9, JTF2, Navy SEALs, BOPE, SAT or GEO CTUs), are now back in business as a group of elite mercenaries. They are deployed in different circumstances and they carry out all sorts of missions, ranging from assassination to rescue.

Each character has a story. And although they are realistic military characters, at the same time they have their own humor and personality.

We are always opened to discussions.