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Bomb defusal

Bomb Defusal mode, also known as "Bomb Scenario", is a game mode popularised by Counter-Strike, but quickly adopted in various shooting games.

Why we chose it? 

  • We wanted to use a simple, well-known game mode that can add complexity and encourage the team work between players.
  • It’s considered by communities to be one of the most popular and balanced game modes.
  • It's easy to learn but hard to master, being played both by novices and pros in tournaments and other competitive matches.


  • It’s the mode in which one team plants a bomb at a designated location (one of the two bombsites) and the other tries to defuse it. The guards have to strategize and hold key locations of the map to prevent attackers reaching the designated areas and detonate the bomb.
  • While traditionally this is a no-respawn mode, we provide a limited number of respawn tickets to each player.


When a player starts a match, he’s randomly assigned to the Attackers or Defenders team.

The bomb is available in the Attackers’ base and anyone from the attacking team can pick it. 

The winning conditions for the two teams are: 


  • Plant the bomb and run its countdown without the Defenders defusing it. The bomb timer lasts for 40 seconds.
  • Bleed the defenders team's respawn tickets dry and eliminate all opponents.


  • Run down to the timer without the attackers ever planting the bomb.
  • Defuse the bomb after it has been planted
  • Bleed the attacking team's respawn tickets dry and eliminate all opponents.


When a player is knocked down to the ground, he can be revived by his teammates who have a defibrillator, for 30 seconds until is finally respanwed.

On revive the player receives:

  • 100% health
  • Keeps the backpack content

On respawn the player receives:

  • 100% health
  • The starting weapons and armour
  • Full refill of weapon ammunition
  • The initial backpack content

On respawn the player loses: 

  • One of the (3) respawn tickets.
  • Rewards. The player and his team is penalized at the end-game.
  • Time. He is placed back in the base, quite far from the action.

End-Game Rewards

The end-game comes with rewards that will contribute to the game progression.

From the total number of points that can be achieved at the end of the game:

  • Half points come from player’s team winning the game 
  • The other half come from the overall play-style.
    • Points are added because of: 
      • Kills
      • Assists 
      • Bomb objective: plant/defuse 
      • Teamplay: revive, share resources
    • Points are subtracted from the total because of the following reasons: 
      • Respawn
      • Suiciding
      • Idling
      • Team disruption.


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