This article is part of the ongoing series, “Our Ship It Journal”. Over the next months we will be sharing the vision behind Boom Squad and actively sharing our game design documents and monthly builds.
We hope that you’ll contribute to that vision; the more minds that come together from all different backgrounds, passionate gamers, fellow game developers or curious friends, the better off we are able to come up with great new things.

This is a general game design topic in several forums/media.  When looking for a new game to play, I often stop to topics like 'Know any good fast-paced games?'. 


But fast-paced can mean almost anything, so let’s consider a small scale example:

1. Total fast-paced insanity

  • very fast movement 
  • full arsenal of advanced movements (e.g. double-jump, dash, teleport)
  • crazy animations

Cool games examples: MatterfallSeraphHolodrive

2. Almost real

  • movement speed matches real human sportsman's or martial arts master's
  • some advanced acrobatic movements (no double-jumps or wall-run though)
  • realistic animations, some crazy physics

Cool games examples: My Friend PedroAC Chronicles

3. Realistic

  • movement speed is realistic (maybe with some Hollywood influences)
  • no advanced movements, except short rolls 
  • realistic physics

Cool games examples: Shadow ComplexDeadlight


We envision much action going on in Boom Squad, however, we wanted to induce some fast-paced feel by a very smooth realistic movement. So we placed the movement in the 3rd category. 


What type of movement do you like the most? How would you see a platformer game?