We all have stories we won’t ever tell, but when it comes to our company, we default to transparency.

Over the next months our team will be sharing the inner workings of our studio openly, both the good and the bad, the decisions and the reasons behind them. 

It’s the full, uncut, incredible journey of creating an independent game studio in Craiova and all the failure and successes experienced while building our first game. 

That means actively open sourcing our culture, beliefs, knowledge and lessons learned. This includes what we're doing and, most importantly, how we're doing it. It's all our goals and obstacles, all our hopes and fears. It's how we're going to handle all of these daily thoughts... all the genuine stories of the people involved.


Why are we doing this? 

When we give, we receive.  While we share our stories with you, we’re connecting ideas in new ways.

We hope that you'll contribute to that knowledge; the more minds that come together from all different backgrounds, passionate gamers, fellow game developers or curious friends, the better off we are able to come up with great new things. 


Here are the most important points from our articles: