The classic platformer shooter revived into a new starter e-sport

Every match takes the best from the late 90s — adrenaline packed gameplay, simple and fun mechanics, beloved game modes — combined with the best perks of modern games: online multiplayer ranked matches, highly stylized graphics and thrilling customizations.
The focus is on player vs. player and cooperative gameplay — with each player controlling a customized soldied equipped with specialized firearms and special combat abilities, placed in a 5 vs. 5 combat.

Choose your role in the Squad

Choose a starting play-style and defeat your opponent with skills, smarts and ultimate reactions. Evolve your characters to match your personality.


Take advantage of all unique abilities and weapons. Use them wisely, harmonize with your teammates and always keep an eye on the surroundings.

How would your battle look if your rank would be at stake?

Do you compete as a lone wolf or as a team player?

Because every match is ranked and, to progress, you have to take your entire squad to the next level. With every cooperative online multiplayer match, the matchmaker sorts through players and creates teams of 5, with complementary abilities and experience.


There are dozens of weapons and gear available to support the realistic gunplay mechanics.

Customize your weapons both visually and in terms of performance, by purchasing modular parts (magazines, scopes, vertical grips, muzzles) from the game’s extensive tech tree.