At PVP Studio, we are a team, not a family. A NAVY team or a pro sports team—for sport enthusiasts—with a base that starts with the equilibrium that loyalty brings, held up by people that stick with us even when we hit a rough patch.

The Studio

A great workplace doesn't consist of mouth-watering espresso or heavenly benefits, although they're a good addition.

A great workplace consists of stunning colleagues.


We value everyone’s opinion, from designers to programmers and artists. Everyone should understand what makes a great game.

And while loyalty brings that peace and stability, without hard work, it would be ineffective. The hard work is not measured in the number of hours spent in the office, but rather in its effectiveness, how much and how well they get the work done is the key measurement.

Spirit before anything else

Team spirit and openness is very important for us. We joke and laugh a lot, make fun at each others' expense without anybody getting offended or hurt and everyone trusts each other to do their jobs well and in time.

Friends will be friends

We love working together and enjoy spending time with the team after work, no matter whether they prefer board games or trashy movies.