Background and founding

The company was founded by Philip Petrescu, Ciprian Popescu and Ionut Vaduva in the fall of 2016.

Philip, known as an Internet entrepreneur, is involved in software development since 1996, being the CEO and Co-founder of Caphyon, the company behind Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Installer. The other two founders, Ciprian and Ionut, began developing software in 2010 and joined the gaming industry at Ubisoft Entertainment. They are also known for a local boutique creative agency, Craft Arts Group, which they ran for 2 years before joining the PVP project.

Six early employees and several collaborators joined PVP Studio since its founding.

Transition to full-service development

Since the beginning, PVP Studio experimented with the idea of becoming both a game developer and publisher.

PVP Studio’s first year was fully invested on building a company foundation, setting up the team, defining systems, processes and building tools to maximize productivity and quality, while developing its first title.

The second year, 2018, is dedicated to growing on the business side, contributing to the plan of becoming a game publisher aside of the in-house game development.

That contributed to the company’s plan of adjusting its business model, where the development team would shift focus towards contract work instead of developing their own original games, while business effort will be spent in promoting the already delivered game, Boom Squad.

What we consider as competitive advantage

Talented people and people-oriented company

Strong previous gaming experience

Full game life-cycle capabilities

Potential of expanding collaboration (e.g. use PVP Studio IP, create a co-IP, become a service provider as a ‘captive unit’ etc.)

What we can offer

Proof of Concept

Game Design Documents

Gameplay Prototype

User Experience


Game mechanics

UI integration


Backend support (multiplayer, CMS/ admin tools, analytics, account management, cloud save, social features)


Vector Graphics

2D Motion Design

3D Assets / Animation

GUI & Visual Communication


Rational Game Design


Game Balance


Game Business Model


Industry KPIs



Uploading support

AppStore Optimization

Google Play Optimization

Quality Engineering