Our Vision and Core Values

We realize that we are the only people responsible for our reputation and the level of success we achieve is closely related to the UTOPIA that we want to create around us. That is because we are Unique, Transparent, Outstanding, Passionate, Independent and Authentic.
“A utopia is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens.”
Unique We will always be ourselves in everything we do, even if that means being a little less than perfect, and sometimes a bit silly.

We default to transparency! We will always strive to be as open and honest as possible, as long as we’re not harming anyone.

We share the inner workings of our studio openly, both the good and the bad, the decisions and the reasons behind them.

We are generous with the community. Besides the games we build, we actively open source our culture, our beliefs, our knowledge and experience. We strive to help others be successful as well.


We want to be proud of what we create, so we always strive for the highest quality in everything we do.

We expect the best from ourselves and from the people around us.

Our top priority is to create the best possible experience for our players. We want them to truly enjoy our games for many years to come.


Entertainment is our passion, from the whole image to the quirky details that build a flawless experience.

We choose positivity and happiness in our work.

We all enjoy the ride, we show gratitude, we are nice to each other.


Each of us owns part of the game and each member has the awesome responsability to make incredible things happen.

We all wear multiple hats by contributing effectively outside our main specialty.

We seek both freedom and responsibility. We embrace flexibility and inspire others to do what's best for the studio rather than ourselves.

Authentic We choose to build our studio and create our games in a way that challenges existing norms and stereotypes. We try to be the exception to the rule and make things that are truly authentic.