Boom Squad Factsheet

Developer & Publisher PVP Studio Genre Platformer Shooter Release Date Early Access: December, 2017 World Wide Launch: April, 2018 Platform PC Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch /PlayBoomSquad


The classic platformer shooter revived into a new starter E-Sport

Every match takes the best from the late 90s — adrenaline packed gameplay, simple and fun mechanics, beloved game modes — combined with the best perks of modern games: online multiplayer ranked matches, highly stylized graphics and thrilling customizations.

The focus is on player vs. player and cooperative gameplay with each player controlling a customized soldier equipped with specialized firearms and special combat abilities, carrying out all sorts of missions, ranging from assassination and bomb defusing to rescue.

Key Features

  • Realistic gunplay placed in 5 v 5 online multiplayer matches, you can join solo or with a party
  • The key to winning is to combine the fast-paced skill with cooperative gameplay and realtime tacticts
  • Several characters available, addressing different combat types like offensive, defensive and support
  • RPG-like progression based on an extensive tech tree of firearms; characters can also evolve outside their assigned role depending on player's choice.
Download Boom Squad Press Kit The .ZIP file includes logo in EPS and PNG format

PVP Studio Factsheet

Founding Year 2016 Press/Business contact Official Website Social Media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Projects Boom Squad


PVP Studio is a video game developer based in Craiova, Romania. It focuses on the development of competitive online games.

The studio was founded in 2016 by an Internet entrepreneur and former Ubisoft employees.

As first title, the PVP Studio team seeks to revive the classic side-view shooters into a new team-based multiplayer action game called Boom Squad.

Download PVP Studio Press Kit The .ZIP file includes logo in EPS and PNG format